Separation and divorce can throw up many financial challenges and mediation is a cost-effective way to deal with the financial and property issues that arise as a result of a break up.
Mediation will help you collect and understand all your financial and property information and look at options for reaching settlement on all your finance issues. You will be encouraged to discuss and check out all the options available to you and to consider them from the point of view of what is practical and possible based on your current and future needs.
You can complete full financial disclosure in mediation, and the mediator will draw up an Open Statement of Financial Information that details your assets and liabilities.

The advantage of discussing property and finance through mediation is that:

  • you discuss your finances and properties together
  • you avoid what can be a lengthy process of solicitors exchanging letters on your behalf
  • you, with the mediator’s assistance, control the process and ultimately the decisions about your finances and property

It is very important that you protect your legitimate self-interest, so the mediator will help you identify what other expert help you might need, for example legal advisers, financial advisers, pension experts, mortgage brokers, etc. You can then bring the advice and information back to the mediation meeting.
Mediation aims to help you make well-informed and practical decisions which work for both parties. At the end of the process you can leave mediation with an Open Statement of Financial Information and a Memorandum of Understanding for you to take to your solicitor to draw up any consent order that is required

If you are eligible for Legal Aid then Family Mediation is FREE

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