When relationships break down people are often confused and distresssed. They often have important decisions to make about children or finance and property but have no idea how to proceed. At such a difficult time it can often feel that there is no help at hand – but there is – family mediation services can make all the difference when dealing with distressing and personal relationship break ups.

You don’t have to be married to benefit from family mediation services either, any couple – married or not, same-sex or not – can benefit from family mediation.  Grandparents and children can also be part of the mediation process – it is a way of ensuring that their wishes can be accommodated in future arrangements.

MMK Family Mediation Service is approved for Legal Aid – if you qualify family mediation is free. Contact us to find out if you are eligible.

Family Mediatiors are Impartial

Family mediation is  a safe and confidential process to help separating, seperated and divorced couples make positive practical decisions on issues such as contact with children, finance and property matters in ways that suit their own unique situations. Family mediators are impartial, they do not take sides or tell people what to do. Family mediators are skilled and experienced at helping you make well informed choices.

Family mediation gives you a step by step way of thinking through your options. This means it is less stressful, less costly and less damaging for you and everyone else. You stay in control of the outcome and the family mediator makes sure you make well-informed decisions.

Experienced and Qualified Mediators

Our family mediators are trained by National Family Mediation, are members of the College of Family Mediators and are recognised by the Legal Aid Agency. We are contracted by the Legal Aid Agency to carry out public funded ( legal aid) mediation. We have premises in Coventry, Leamington Spa, Stratford upon Avon and Kenilworth. If you qualify for legal aid Family Mediation is FREE

If you are eligible for Legal Aid then Family Mediation is FREE

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