Mediation is generally cheaper, quicker and less acrimonious than court proceedings and research shows it secures better outcomes, particularly for children.’ The National Audit Office (Review 2007)

Cost of Meetings

MMK Family Mediation operates a clear pricing policy as follows (all prices are per person):

Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) £99.00 which includes the issue of a c100 form or Form A if required for court purposes.

Mediation Session £150.00 per session per person

Shuttle Mediation if required £200 per session per hour


Preparation of documents

Open Statement of Finance Information £150 per person

Memorandum of Understanding £150 per person

Parenting Plan £150.00 per person

The above costs are inclusive of VAT. Charges are for time spent face to face in mediation sessions and include any general correspondence, telephone calls and emails. There are no hidden charges.

Mediation costs are spelled out to you at the start of the process. The number of mediation sessions required varies depending on issues and circumstances. All costs are discussed with clients at their MIAM and at the first joint session clients are given an estimate of the likely cost which will reflect the complexity of their finances, arrangements and agreements.

The documents charged for are normally produced at the end of mediation summarising the proposals and disclosure made.

Payment is made for the c100/Form A before it is issued. The charge for meetings is payable at or before the meeting. The charge for documents is payable once we are ready to draft them. We accept payments by cash, cheque, online banking and credit and debit cards


Legal Aid

MMK Family Mediation is approved for Legal Aid – if you qualify family mediation is free. Contact us on 01926858790 to find out if you are eligible.

If you qualify for Legal Aid and the other person does not, the MIAM and first mediation session is also free for them- any subsequent session would be charge at our usual fee and any agreement document drawn up by the mediator will be charged for.

If you are eligible for Legal Aid then Family Mediation is FREE

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