MMK Family Mediation Service   can help you deal with the difficult issue of child contact and residency. Arrangements for children can be one of the most distressing aspects of divorce and separation. Mediation helps parents agree a parenting plan that will work for both parents and, most importantly, will be in the best interests of the child

We also offer parents the opportunity for their children to be part of the mediation process. Research shows that children want their voice to be heard about future arrangements that concern them and their future. Mediation is a good way of accommodating children’s wishes.

Involving Children in Family Mediation

Usually children from the age of 10 years upwards can be involved in the mediation process. Children meet separately with the mediator to share their thoughts and concerns. They choose what, if anything, is reported back to their parents.

Children are only invited to mediation if both parents agree to it and children are under no obligation to take up the invitation, although we usually find that they welcome it.

If you are in mediation and wish your child or children to be seen you will arrange and agree this with your mediator. Costs will be agreed with your mediator. If you are entitled to Legal Aid then mediation with children is free.

If you are eligible for Legal Aid then Family Mediation is FREE

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