MMK Family Mediation offers a family mediation services in the heart of Kenilworth. So if you are looking for mediation services for a MIAM or to help you sort out property and finance situations or issues surrounding children you don’t have far to go to access a quality mediation service.
We can see grandparents and/or children as part of the mediation process if appropriate, in fact, all of our family mediation services are available to you in Kenilworth.
We operate from The Cottage Therapy Centre 12 New Street, Kenilworth CV8 2EZ  and the following map will help you find us:

To find out more about the family mediation services available to you in Kenilworth please see our family mediation pages:

If you have further questions about family mediation please also see our mediation services FAQs

If you are eligible for Legal Aid then Family Mediation is FREE

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