Welcome to MMK Family Mediation

MMK Family Mediation Service specialises in providing family mediation services to people that are experiencing relationship difficulties and conflict. It may be about reaching a financial settlement on divorce and separation or working out living arrangements and financial support for children.

Family Mediation Services

Our family mediation services is based locally in  Coventry and Warwickshire We help couples through a whole range of difficult divorce and separation situations. You don’t have to be married to benefit from family mediation services, any couple – married or not, same-sex or not – can benefit. Grandparents and children, who often find that their voices are not heard when relationships between couples break down, can also use mediation to address their issues. MMK Mediation offers you a reliable, confidential mediation service that aims to resolve issues such as child contact, child residencyfinances and property and pensions. Our aim – through mediation – is to make your divorce or separation or parenting issues easier to deal with, by providing you with a safe and confidential journey through what is often a distressing time for all those involved.

Free Family Mediation-we are approved for Legal Aid-if you qualify family mediation is free. Contact us to find out if you are eligible- phone 0192685879